Spins and magnetic moments of 58,60,62,64 Mn

Spins and magnetic moments of 58,60,62,64 Mn ground states and isomers


The odd-odd 54,56,58,60,62,64Mnisotopes (Z = 25) were studied using bunched-beam collinear laser spectroscopy

at ISOLDE, CERN. From the measured hyperfine spectra the spins and magnetic moments of Mn isotopes up

to N = 39 were extracted. The previous tentative ground state spin assignments of 58,60,62,64Mn are now firmly

determined to be I = 1 along with an I = 4 assignment for the isomeric states in 58,60,62Mn. The I = 1 magnetic

moments show a decreasing trend with increasing neutron number while the I = 4 moments remain quite

constant between N = 33 and N = 37. The results are compared to large-scale shell-model calculations using

the GXPF1A and LNPS effective interactions. The excellent agreement of the ground state moments with the

predictions from the LNPS calculations illustrates the need for an increasing amount of proton excitations across

Z = 28 and neutron excitations across N = 40 in the ground state wave functions from N = 37 onwards.

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