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New results on "Quadrupole moments of odd-A 53−63Mn: Onset of collectivity towards N = 40"

The spectroscopic quadrupole moments of the odd–even Mn isotopes between N = 28 and N = 38 have been measured using bunched-beam collinear laser spectroscopy at ISOLDE, CERN. In order to increase sensitivity to the quadrupole interaction, the measurements have been done using a transition in the ion rather than in the atom, with the additional advantage of better spectroscopic efficiency. Since the chosen transition is from a metastable state, optical pumping in ISOLDE’s cooler and buncher (ISCOOL) was used to populate this state.

New results on Cu charge radii and how it reveals a weak sub-shell effect at N=40

Collinear laser spectroscopy on Cu58–75 isotopes was performed at the CERN-ISOLDE radioactive ion beam facility. In this paper we report on the isotope shifts obtained from these measurements. State-of-the-art atomic physics calculations have been undertaken in order to determine the changes in mean-square charge radii δ⟨r2⟩A,A′ from the observed isotope shifts. A local minimum is observed in these radii differences at N=40, providing evidence for a weak N=40 sub-shell effect.

New results on the Isomer Shift and Magnetic Moment of the Long-Lived 1/2+ Isomer in 79Zn

Collinear laser spectroscopy is performed on the 79Zn isotope at ISOLDE-CERN. The existence of a long-lived isomer with a few hundred milliseconds half-life is confirmed, and the nuclear spins and moments of the ground and isomeric states in Zn79 as well as the isomer shift are measured. From the observed hyperfine structures, spins I=9/2 and I=1/2 are firmly assigned to the ground and isomeric states.


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