New results on the nuclear structure of 111-129 Cd

New results on the Nuclear structure of 111-129 Cd:

Simple Nuclear Structure in 111–129 Cd from Atomic Isomer Shifts

Isomer shifts have been determined in 111-129 Cd by high-resolution laser spectroscopy at CERN-ISOLDE. The corresponding mean square charge-radii changes, from the 1/2+ and the 3/2+ ground states to the 11/2- isomers, have been found to follow a distinct parabolic dependence as a function of the atomic mass number. Since the isomers have been previously associated with simplicity due to the linear mass dependence of their quadrupole moments, the regularity of the isomer shifts suggests a higher order of symmetry affecting the ground states in addition. A comprehensive description assuming nuclear deformation is found to accurately reproduce the radii differences in conjunction with the known quadrupole moments. This intuitive interpretation is supported by covariant density functional theory.

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