Laser spectroscopy studies in the neutron rich Sn region

C. Becker, L. Cabaret, E. Cottereau, J. Crawford, W. Geithner, J. Genevey, M. Girod, G. Hubert, S. Kappertz, P. Kunz
CERN CERN-INTC-2000-009 (2000)

Magnetic Moment of the 1− Ground State in 18N Measured with a New β Level Mixing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technique

G. Neyens, N. Coulier, S. Teughels, G. Georgiev, B. A. Brown, W. F. Rogers, D. L. Balabanski, R. Coussement, A. Lépine-Szily, M. Lewitowicz
Phys. Rev. Lett. 82 (1999) 497

Implanted light dopants in ZnSe

B. Ittermann, M. Fllgrabe, M. Heemeier, F. Kroll, F. Mai, K. Marbach, P. Meier, D. Peters, H. Thiess, G. Welker
Hyperfine Interactions 120-121 (1999) 403

Measurement of the magnetic moment of the one-neutron halo nucleus 11Be

W. Geithner, S. Kappertz, R. Neugart, S. Wilbert, V. Sebastian, M. Keim, P. Lievens, L. Vermeeren, V. Fedoseyev, V. Mishin
Physical Review Letters 83 (1999) 3792

ß-NMR measurement of the nuclear quadrupole moments of 20,26,31Na

S. Wilbert, B.A. Brown, W. Geithner, U. Georg, S. Kappertz, M. Keim, P. Lievens, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, L. Vermeeren
AIP Conference Proceedings 455 (1998) 142

Measurement of the magnetic moments of 7Be and of the halo nucleus 11Be

S. Kappertz, W. Geithner, G. Katko, M. Keim, G. Kotrotsios, P. Lievens, R. Neugart, L. Vermeeren, S. Wilbert
AIP Conference Proceedings 455 (1998) 110

Laser spectroscopy investigation of the nuclear moments and radii of lutetium isotopes

U. Georg, W. Borchers, M. Keim, A. Klein, P. Lievens, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, Pushpa M. Rao, C. Schulz
The European Physical Journal A 3 (1998) 225-235

Quadrupole moments and mean square charge radii in the bismuth isotope chain

J. Kilgallon, M.R. Pearson, J. Billowes, P. Campbell, U. Georg, I.S. Grant, M. Keim, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, S. Wilbert the ISOLDE collaboration
Phys. Lett. B 405 (1997) 31

The mean square nuclear charge radius of 39Ca

L. Vermeeren, P. Lievens, R.E. Silverans, U. Georg, M. Keim, A. Klein, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, F. Buchinger
J. Phys. G 22 (1996) 1517

On the odd even staggering of mean square charge radii in the light krypton and strontium region

P. Lievens, E. Arnold, W. Borchers, U. Georg, M. Keim, A. Klein, R. Neugart, L. Vermeeren, R.E. Silverans
Europhys. Lett. 33 (1996) 11


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