Nuclear moments and charge radii of bismuth izotopes

M.R. Pearson, P. Campbell, K. Leerungnavarat, J. Billowes, I.S. Grant, .M. Keim, J. Kilgallon, I.D. Moore, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth
J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 26 (2000) 1829–1848

Measurement of nuclear moments and radii by collinear laser spectroscopy and by ß-NMR spectroscopy

W. Geithner, U. Georg, S. Kappertz, M. Keim, P. Lievens, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, L. Vermeeren, S. Wilbert
Hyperfine Interactions 129 (2000) 271–288

Properties of halo nuclei measured by laser and ß-NMR spectroscopy

R. Neugart
Hyperfine Interactions 127 (2000) 101–109

Production of polarized radioactive beams with laser ion sources (feasibility test)

L. Weissman, J. Cederall, W. Geithner, V.N. Fedoseyev, H.O.U. Fynbo, S. Kappertz, U.H. K??r, V. Mishin, R. Neugart, D. Borremans
CERN CERN-INTC-2000-026 (2000)

Charge radius measurement of the halo nucleus 11Li

A. Dax, F. Schmitt, H. Wang, R. Kirchner, H J. Kluge, T. Khl, G. Huber, R. Neugart, T. Onishi, M. Tanihata
CERN CERN-INTC-2000-006 (2000)

Measurement of the electric quadrupole moments of 26-29Na

M. Keim, U. Georg, A. Klein, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, S. Wilbert, P. Lievens, L. Vermeeren, B.A. Brown
Eur. Phys. J. A 8 (2000) 31–40

Measurement of the magnetic moment of the one-neutron halo nucleus 11Be

W. Geithner, S. Kappertz, R. Neugart, S. Wilbert, V. Sebastian, M. Keim, P. Lievens, L. Vermeeren, V. Fedoseyev, V. Mishin
Physical Review Letters 83 (1999) 3792

Magnetic Moment of the 1− Ground State in 18N Measured with a New β Level Mixing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technique

G. Neyens, N. Coulier, S. Teughels, G. Georgiev, B. A. Brown, W. F. Rogers, D. L. Balabanski, R. Coussement, A. Lépine-Szily, M. Lewitowicz
Phys. Rev. Lett. 82 (1999) 497

Implanted light dopants in ZnSe

B. Ittermann, M. Fllgrabe, M. Heemeier, F. Kroll, F. Mai, K. Marbach, P. Meier, D. Peters, H. Thiess, G. Welker
Hyperfine Interactions 120-121 (1999) 403

Measurement of the magnetic moments of 7Be and of the halo nucleus 11Be

S. Kappertz, W. Geithner, G. Katko, M. Keim, G. Kotrotsios, P. Lievens, R. Neugart, L. Vermeeren, S. Wilbert
AIP Conference Proceedings 455 (1998) 110


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