Discovery of a long-lived low-lying isomeric state in 80Ga

B. Cheal, J. Billowes, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, F. C. Charlwood, K. T. Flanagan, D. H. Forest, S. Fritzsche, Ch. Geppert, A. Jokinen
Phys. Rev. C 82 (2010) 051302(R)

Comment on “Intruder Configurations in the A=33 Isobars: 33Mg and 33Al”

D. T. Yordanov, K. Blaum, M. De Rydt, M. Kowalska, R. Neugart, G. Neyens, I. Hamamoto
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 (2010) 129201

Nuclear Charge Radii of 7,9,10Be and the One-Neutron Halo Nucleus 11Be

W. Nortershauser, D. Tiedemann, M. Žáková, Z. Andjelkovic, K. Blaum, M. L. Bissell, R. Cazan, G. W. F. Drake, Ch. Geppert, M. Kowalska
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 (2009) 062503

Nuclear Spins and Magnetic Moments of 71,73,75Cu: Inversion of π2p3/2 and π1f5/2 Levels in Cu

K. T. Flanagan, P. Vingerhoets, M. Avgoulea, J. Billowes, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, B. Cheal, M. De Rydt, V. N. Fedosseev, D. H. Forest K. T. Flanagan
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103 (2009) 142501

Nuclear ground-state spin and magnetic moment of 21Mg

J. Kramer, K. Blaum, M. De Rydt, K.T. Flanagan, Ch. Geppert, M. Kowalska, P. Lievens, R. Neugart
Physics Letters B 678 (2009) 465–469

Nuclear ground-state spins and magnetic moments of 27Mg, 29Mg, and 31Mg

M. Kowalska, D. T. Yordanov, K. Blaum, P. Himpe, P. Lievens, S. Mallion, R. Neugart, G. Neyens, N. Vermeulen
Phys. Rev. C 77 (2008) 034307

Masses and Charge Radii of 17–22Ne and the Two-Proton-Halo Candidate 17Ne

W. Geithner, T. Neff, G. Audi, K. Blaum, P. Delahaye, H. Feldmeier, S. George, C. Guénaut, F. Herfurth, A. Herlert
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 (2008) 252502

Charge radii of magnesium isotopes by laser spectroscopy: a structural study over the sd shell

K Blaum, D Yordanov, M Bissell, G Neyens, A Smolkowska, P Vingerhoets, C Geppert, W Nörtershäuser, M Kowalska, J Krämer
CERN CERN-INTC-2008-037 (2008)

Nuclear moments and charge radii of argon isotopes between the neutron-shell closures N=20 and N=28

K. Blaum, W. Geithner, J. Lassen, P. Lievens, K. Marinova, R. Neugart
Nuclear Physics A 799 (2008) 30–45

Precision Measurement of 11Li Moments: Influence of Halo Neutrons on the 9Li Core

R. Neugart, D. L. Balabanski, K. Blaum, D. Borremans, P. Himpe, M. Kowalska, P. Lievens, S. Mallion, G. Neyens, N. Vermeulen
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 (2008) 132502


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