Collinear laser spectroscopy on fast atomic beams

K. Anton, S. Kaufman, W. Klempt, G. Moruzzi, R. Neugart, E. Otten, B. Schinzler
Phys. Rev. Lett. 40 (1978) 642-645

Collinear laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich Cs isotopes at an on-line mass separator

B. Schinzler, W. Klempt, S.L. Kaufman, H. Lochmann, G. Moruzzi, R. Neugart, E.W. Otten, J. Bonn, L. vonReisky, K.P.C. Spath
Physics Letters B 79B (1978) 209-12

Narrowed optical lines observed in laser method for use with accelerated beams

K.R. Anton, S.L. Kaufman, W. Klempt, R. Neugart, E.W. Otten, B. Schinzler
Hyperfine-Interactions 4 (1978) 87-90

High-resolution spectroscopy in fast atomic beams

R. Neugart, S.L. Kaufman, W. Klempt, G. Moruzzi, E.W. Otten, B. Schinzler, Ed. by, J.L. Hall, J.L. Carlsten
Springer-Verlag (1977) xi+468


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