Isomer Shift and Magnetic Moment of the Long-Lived 1/2+ Isomer in 79Zn: Signature of Shape Coexistence near 78Ni

X. F. Yang, C. Wraith, L. Xie, C. Babcock, J. Billowes, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, B. Cheal, K. T. Flanagan, R. F. Garcia Ruiz
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (2016) 182502

Collinear Laser Spectroscopy on Neutron-rich Mn Isotopes Approaching N = 40

H. Heylen, C. Babcock, J. Billowes, M.L. Bissell, K. Blaum, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, R.F. Garcia Ruiz, Ch. Geppert, W. Gins H. Heylen

Precision Test of Many-Body QED in the Be+ 2p Fine Structure Doublet Using Short-Lived Isotopes

Wilfried Nörtershäuser, Christopher Geppert, Andreas Krieger, Krzysztof Pachucki, Mariusz Puchalski, Klaus Blaum, Mark L. Bissell, Nadja Frömmgen, Michael Hammen, Magdalena Kowalska
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015) 033002

Spins and magnetic moments of 58,60,62,64Mn ground states and isomers

H. Heylen, C. Babcock, J. Billowes, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, R. F. Garcia Ruiz, Ch. Geppert, W. Gins
Phys. Rev. C 92 (2015) 044311

Ground-state electromagnetic moments of calcium isotopes

R. F. Garcia Ruiz, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, N. Frommgen, M. Hammen, J. D. Holt, M. Kowalska, K. Kreim, J. Menéndez, R. Neugart
Phys. Rev. C 91 (2015) 041304

Collinear laser spectroscopy of atomic cadmium - Extraction of nuclear magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments

Nadja Frömmgen, Dimiter L. Balabanski, Mark L. Bissell, Jacek Bieroń, Klaus Blaum, Bradley Cheal, Kieran Flanagan, Stephan Fritzsche, Christopher Geppert, Michael Hammen
The European Physical Journal D 69 (2015) 164

Evidence for Increased neutron and proton excitations between 51 − 63Mn

C. Babcock, H. Heylen, J. Billowes, M.L. Bissell, K. Blaum, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, R.F. Garcia Ruiz, C. Geppert, W. Gins
Physics Letters B 750 (2015) 176–180

Proton-Neutron Pairing Correlations in the Self-Conjugate Nucleus 38K Probed via a Direct Measurement of the Isomer Shift

M. L. Bissell, J. Papuga, H. Naïdja, K. Kreim, K. Blaum, M. De Rydt, R. F. Garcia Ruiz, H. Heylen, M. Kowalska, R. Neugart
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113 (2014) 052502

Billion-Fold Enhancement in Sensitivity of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Magnesium Ions in Solution

Dr. Alexander Gottberg, Dr. Monika Stachura, Dr. Magdalena Kowalska, Dr. Mark L. Bissell, Dr. Vaida Arcisauskaite, Prof. Klaus Blaum, Alexander Helmke, Dr. Karl Johnston, Dr. Kim Kreim, Prof. Flemming H. Larsen
ChemPhysChem 15 (2014) 3929--3932

Nuclear charge radii of potassium isotopes beyond N = 28

Kreim K., Bissell M. L., Papuga J., K. Blaum, De Rydt M., Garcia Ruiz R., Goriely S., Heylen H., Kowalska M., Neugart R.
Physics Letters B 731 (2014) 97-102


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